Breakfast in Bed!

Breakfast in Bed!

Is there anything more luxurious or soul-filling than someone you love bringing you breakfast in bed?

I have this memory. It's early-ish on a Sunday morning, it's Mother's Day, and I'm freakin’ excited. I know my Dad’s about to come into my bedroom, and we will sneak into the kitchen to surprise my Mom with a pancake breakfast in bed. (I guess it makes sense looking back that I would create a baking mix company whose mission would focus around creating moments like the one I'm sharing now!)

We’re in the kitchen for about an hour-ish together making the batter, heating the maple syrup like Mom always does, melting the butter, cutting fruit, and setting up the serving tray. There’s pancakes that don't make it upstairs because they are the “chef treats,'' along with whispering, hushed laughter, and just so much fun to be had. Oh, the sweet anticipation of a loving surprise! Dad makes mimosas for the two of them, and gives me OJ in a fancy glass. Steadying the tray, we sneak upstairs with greeting card in-hand and love on the most important woman in our lives. I couldn’t wait to see the surprise on her face even though it was a yearly tradition! I lived in total joy on those mornings.

Now that I'm older, I’m sure my Mama knew exactly what was up. She doesn’t even sleep in, but she would on Mother’s Day to humor us or maybe (more likely) finally take the damn break she deserved. Regardless, we did it for one another, and I will hold this tradition close to my heart until I become the one in the bed enjoying the pancakes.

If you are a Mama or love a Mama, I encourage you to never underestimate the power of a gesture like breakfast in bed. I’m partial to pancakes because of all they mean to me. I'm also very partial to Wild Rye’s beloved pancake mix which makes great waffles as well, but there are no rules when doing breakfast in bed. Just go for it - express yourself and your love for the person you are treating. I honestly think a bowl of cereal would mean just as much as a full-on spread of all the breakfasty things.

I share this memory not only because Mother’s Day is coming up and because I love breakfast in bed any time of the year, but also to show that Wild Rye is a love company; one built not only from memories, but to create memories that celebrate this crazy, wild, never easy, but truly amazing thing called life. And it honestly wouldn’t be anything close to what it is today without all of the love you have shared with us! Let's make more memories, shall we? Along with more time for breakfasts in bed!

Speaking of which, I wanted to remind you that today is the final day to enter our Mother’s Day Giveaway, which has all the goodies for an amazing breakfast in bed! If you and a Mom you love want to win some pancake mix, the most most most delicious spoon fruit from my favorite maker in Northern Michigan, some real maple syrup, AND a Wild Rye gift card, then head to our instagram @wildryebaking and enter our Mother’s Day Giveaway.


As always, Big Love, 


P.S. - Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions of your own? I'd love to hear them if you’d like to share :) 

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