Easter Cakes

Easter Cakes

If you're looking for some sweet inspiration for Easter, I am your girl. And your girl loves options. I like to have one cake mix or two on hand that I can deploy in a variety of ways to easily bring baking magic into my world. Here are the two Wild Rye Baking Co. cake mixes I’m reaching for this holiday and some different applications to get you inspired! 

Olive Oil Cake 

This cake might just be the most versatile mix in our line. Snack cake? Check! Decadent dessert? Check check! Brunch bundt or muffins? Check Check Check! When I think of Easter, I think brunch… a long brunch with family on this Sunday is what my dreams are made of. If you’ve been around for a minute, you already know this lol. If not, you can read my blog gushing over brunch here. Wild Rye’s Olive Oil Cake can take center stage at any brunch, and it could not be easier to make! I love to bake the classic or gluten free olive oil cake in a heritage bundt pan (here's a link to my favorite one) or as muffins and finish them both simply with a hefty dusting of powdered sugar. Include roast ham and a vegetable frittata or baked eggs in tomato sauce, along with some fresh seasonal fruit, and you are set to be a brunching legend. BUT, do not, and I repeat do not forget the mimosas and coffee! 

If you’re tasked with hosting or bringing dessert to Easter dinner, I can’t recommend our olive oil cake enough! This cake is clutch when wanting to get ahead. I love to bake it as a single 9” or 10” round a day or even two before serving and then frost it with our Chocolate Sea Salt Frosting. It's a decadent pairing that feels celebratory and indulgent, making it a perfect dessert.  

Pink Velvet Cake! 

The party girl of our collection. I love her. The girly girl in me falls for the pastels of Easter, and this cake fits in while making a statement at the same time. I love to make the pink velvet as a classic two-layer cake or as cupcakes. If I’m making a layer cake, I reach for Wild Rye’s Classic Vanilla Frosting and add in 4 ounces of softened cream cheese with the 2 sticks of butter while mixing up the frosting. The tang from the cream cheese feels appropriate for any occasion but especially as we head into Spring. 

Cupcakes seem to create some extra special magic when baking with kids. They’re what I make when baking with children 90% of the time. I just love how much they love them! Our Pink Velvet Cake makes the cutest cupcakes and for Easter, there is no better accoutrement for them than our Coconut Matcha Frosting. A single Cadbury Mini Egg (or three) makes the perfect finishing touch when decorating these cupcakes. 

Wild Rye is all about versatility, quality, ease, and connection! It is my mission to get people thinking outside of the pan and reimagining what is possible when it comes to cake baking. I hope this blog reminds you that there is a world of possibilities when baking with our mixes, and I am happily here to help you explore it! 

Sending you big Love and hugs, always, 

Happy Easter!! 


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