Here to Inspire!

Here to Inspire!

I want to share a story that lets you into how I think and talk about baking with my people. I was with one of my very best besties, Mollie, the other day and she said, “What should I make for dessert for my party this weekend? I was at the farmers market and found some rhubarb, so I got that and some strawberries and was thinking strawberry rhubarb pie…?” 

To which I answered: “You could but pies take time, can be finicky, AND there are so many other things you can do with your fruity score from the market. Are you attached to it being pie or are you open?”

She was totally open. Which is when I got excited because then we encouraged our creativity to run wild! 

Me: “Okay, strawberries & rhubarb. Yum. Summery goodness… adding some lemon would definitely make sense to brighten things up and amplify the fresh fruity flavors…”

Molls: “Probably want vanilla, yeah? Rather than chocolate?”

Me: “Yeah, vanilla… You could do a cobbler! Or ooh! What about a shortcake?!” 

Molls: “YAAAA. And I’ve got a Wild Rye Vanilla Cake mix in the pantry!”

Me: “Boom. Done.”

She added some lemon zest to the cake batter, made a compote with the strawberries and rhubarb from a recipe we found online, and finished everything with fresh whipped cream. The best part was the video she sent of her entire family loving the dessert. Seriously, there’s no faster way to fill my bucket than to tell me your people are loving Wild Rye Baking Co. in their lives. 

When it comes to baking, I find oftentimes that we are afraid to think outside the box or adjust a recipe based on what we have. Trust me, I get it! When the stakes are high and even when they aren’t, we’re not looking to mess up dessert. However, I'm here to inspire you to let your hair down a little bit and have fun! Play with that gorgeous fruit you spotted at the market, the citrus sitting on your counter, or the nuts you have in the pantry! A really safe place to start is by adding citrus zest to your batters. Lemon or lime in the vanilla. Grapefruit or orange in the olive oil. Orange in the chocolate! Add a tablespoon or two, and you will be amazed by just how much flavor this will bring to your cakes. Another idea? Add blueberries to our vanilla cake batter and make blueberry muffins! I’ve also gotten friends hooked on adding a cup of chopped pecans to their pancake or waffle batter (the nutty crunch will blow your mind)! 

My point is: there is so much fun to be had when it comes to baking with Wild Rye Baking mixes. Your chances of failure are LOW, so you can rest easy knowing stress will stay off the guest list! 

Here’s what I suggest: 

  1. Always have some backup Wild Rye mixes in your pantry because you literally never know. 
  2. Allow yourself to get creative and riff a little bit - you're in good hands!
  3. If you are struggling with the creativity part, reach out to me! Talking about baking is one of my most favorite things to do, and I would be honored to help get you excited and inspired! 

Let your hair down friends, enjoy the process, and remember - I’ve got your back! 

Big Love,


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