Meet your new forever pancakes…

Meet your new forever pancakes…

I am knowingly wading into divided waters here so let me just say this from the jump. Hi! I’m Sarah, and I'm a pancake person. I don’t dislike waffles. I think they’re great. But, I’m a pancake person through and through. If you’re a waffle fan, I hope we can still be friends, because this pancake mix was made with you in mind!

Here’s the thing about pancakes for me: nostalgia. Pancakes have given many of us a taste memory. An unforgettable sensory experience. I see pancakes on a brunch menu and I remember my mom’s long handle enamel coffee pot filled with warm maple syrup (thank you mom for teaching me to be extra), the smell of sizzling butter on the griddle, those little bubbles speckling the pancake edges before an exhilarating flip. I am transported. Catch me after said pancake brunch however, and I’m likely feeling pretty sugar-sacked. Maybe even a little regretful of my indulgent nostalgic breakfast. As I’ve grown into a more conscious adult, I recognize that eating pancakes regularly just doesn't make me feel the way I want to. But remember, I’m a pancake person. I crave them, and they are delicious. So I set out to make a perfect pancake that was equal parts healthy and delicious. 

Enter my Almond Flour Pancake Mix. The end of my tortured tug-of-war between wanting the flavors of my childhood and trying to live a healthy, balanced life. I think I tweaked this recipe nearly 20 times. I was not satisfied with pancakes that tasted healthy. I couldn't stand for it. I was going to match the taste memory or scrap the recipe altogether. Many, many trials later I found a blend of ingredients that tasted indulgent but met my health-conscious standards.

The star ingredient in this mix is the ground almonds. They add richness, texture and nutrients. The mix also includes whole grains like brown rice flour, sorghum flour and corn. I have to give a special shout-out to the vanilla, because it truly is exceptional. Madagascar vanilla is the stuff dreams are made of. I began using it when I started working in restaurants, and it blows generic vanilla out of the freaking water. I’ll say more about vanilla in another blog post because it's fascinating and deserves a post all to itself. For now, just know that I selected the very best for these pancakes. Many of these ingredients also add sweetness which meant I didn't have to add much sugar at all. Per serving, these pancakes have just over a teaspoon of sugar. Add some eggs, good olive oil and nut milk to finish the batter, and feel good about eating these pancakes for breakfast (or dinner).

As if the health and flavor profile of these pancakes isn’t enough to make you fall deep in pancake love, they are also incredibly versatile. Knowing that people don’t always have buttermilk or even eggs in their fridge, I decided the wet ingredients needed to be easily substituted. I’ve made these pancakes with almond milk, canned coconut milk, skim milk and more (just so you know, buttermilk is still queen if you happen to have it). I’ve made them with banana or ground flax seeds instead of eggs when I'm out of eggs (or for my friends who live the plant-based life). I’ve made them as waffles and wow, do they deliver! Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. See waffle lovers, I did not forget about you! (Mix the batter the same way, preheat your waffle iron, grease it well and live your best waffle loving life!)

All this is to say that I couldn’t be prouder to introduce these pancakes to you. My forever pancakes. Fit for every occasion. Sunday brunch with the girls? Come over. Bring bubbles. Kiddos staying over at my house? I’ll be your favorite auntie in the morning! Monday morning pancakes? Heck. Yes. This mix is here for all of it. It’s nourishing and satisfying and reliably makes me smile thinking of those easy breezy weekend mornings back home as a kid.

Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram as you bake our mixes. Seeing Wild Rye in the wild is one of my most favorite things and inspires me endlessly! And if you have questions along the way, please email me. is where you can find me. I’m here for you. We got this. 

Big hugs, 

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