Lookin' like a snack… 

Lookin' like a snack… 

I am endlessly excited to see that snack cakes are becoming more and more recognizable in today’s American food culture. In my opinion, they have long been overlooked and underappreciated in favor of their dressed up, meant for a party, layered, sprinkled, and frosted friends.

Now, don't think I don’t love an occasion. My quintessential cake is indeed a frosted and filled layer cake. But bear with me as I explain the simple beauty and comforts of a snack cake.  What is a snack cake, you ask? Imagine a single layer cake. Complete without frosting. Could go for a glaze or some powdered sugar, but can certainly stand on its own.

A snack cake is meant to live on a plate on your counter. It’s meant to be passed by throughout the day, getting consumed sliver by sliver over the span of a few days. With a sip of coffee here and a sip of wine there. If this kind of cake could talk it would say things like: “take a moment, take a pause, you are cared for, no need to rush.” They are meant to be fuss-free, super moist and a cinch to pull together. Here are my two favorite occasions for a snack cake: 

The hostess gift - How many bottles of wine have you brought to a dinner party only to see 6 other bottles already sitting on the bar from other guests? It’s not quite like bringing sand to the beach, but... isn’t it kind of? My preferred play is to bring over something that says “This is for you. Thank you for hosting me.” A simple offering like an olive oil cake or chocolate cake baked in a loaf pan, dusted with powdered sugar is a perfect gift for your host to enjoy with their fam after the party is over. Maybe while they’re finishing the dishes the following morning or adding in something sweet as they pack lunches for the kids.  Wrap simply in parchment paper, tie with baker’s twine and you’ve got a gift that will have your friends thinking of you everytime they return for a slice. 
For the house guests - When guests stay in my home I want them to feel comfortable and cared for. Baked goods just exude the message “you are welcomed, you are loved.” My move is to have an olive oil cake already baked (likely with a slice already missing...oopsies.) for guests when they arrive. I keep it by the coffee maker with a knife within reach for whoever wakes up first or goes to bed last. It’ll hang there over the next few days for those passersby wanting just a bite of something delicious. It requires no refrigeration. It stays moist and flavorful, actually getting better on days 2 and 3 when the flavors really combine in sweet harmony. It will often double as dessert one night (if it lasts that long) meaning I can whip some cream or scoop some chocolate ice cream and have a restaurant-quality dessert on the table in minutes. The possibilities really are endless and the gesture goes a long way without adding any stress to my busy life. 

Wild Rye baking mixes in my pantry ensure that I am never unprepared for an impromptu baking session. They are as perfect made as a simple snack cake as they are all dressed up and frosted for a party. I keep a few different mixes on-hand including gluten-free, vegan and classic, so that no matter who I am baking for, they feel the magic, they feel the love and they’ve got no idea how easy it really was for me. 

Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram as you bake your snack cake. Seeing Wild Rye in the wild is one of my most favorite things and inspires me endlessly! And if you have questions along the way, please email me.

Sarah@wildryebaking.com is where you can find me. I’m here for you. We got this. 

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